Hi I am Jill, welcome to video touring!

I have twenty years of personal study of the Bible and biblical apologetics, and I recently visited many of the biblical archeological excavation sites from which the museum artefacts have come. With over 35 years working in the service industry, including teaching, I have recently completed a beginners course in hieroglyphs which used the British Museum Egyptian gallery artefacts.

The British Museum has arguably one of the largest collections of corroborative biblical historical evidence in the world.

The British Museum contains artefacts from the majority of the worlds cultures which allows biblical teachings to be tested against world history.

With a video library of over 300 teachings, the tours are interactive and unique for each group, the library is updated regularly.

An earpiece receives the video audio which is personally adjustable to limit the intrusion of the often busy and loud museum.

While the video content is suitable for every level of biblical knowledge, the more you personally know both Testaments the more you will appreciate the volume of corroborative evidence.

All tours contain lots of scripture and the gospel, if this would offend you, then these tours would not be suitable for you.

The Natural History Museum is the best location to examine the Darwinian Transmutation Theory. With science based video evidence join me for a unique tour experience.


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