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Joel Kramer

Dr. James Tour

Drive Thru History

Appian Media

Is Genesis History?

Illustra Media

Dr. Jay Smith

Professor Stuart Burgess

Dr. Scott Stripling

Biblical Archeology

Sergio and Rhoda

Genesis Apologetics

Kristen Davis MA

John Haller

The John 10:10 Project

Joel Kramer Israel Study Tour March 2019 Fred and Cris Starrh

Answers in Genesis UK

Carl Kerby

Creation Ministries International

Living Waters

Dr.Michael Behe

Charlie Garrett

John Mackay


Amir Tsarfati


I am delighted that I have been given permission to show the video teachings from the contributors listed below. If you have enjoyed a tour please consider making a contribution to one or more of these ministries, thank you.



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