150,000 km of Brilliant Wiring - our bodies nervous system!

A few weeks ago I attended the Answers in Genesis Mega Conference in Birmingham. We had three days of excellent teaching on a range of topics. Professor Stuart Burgess, Professor of Engineering Design at Bristol University gave an exceptional talk on the wiring of our bodies nervous system. Having completed the electrical wiring system for the ME TOP C Spacecraft, which took 30km of wiring, he showed us the 150,000km of brilliant wiring that is basically invisible to us, but essential for everything we take for granted that our bodies do! The forethought required for our wiring system is phenomenal, utterly impossible for random chance processes!

You can see video footage of Professor Stuart Burgess on the Natural History Museum Tour, I took my sons to see him teaching on various aspects of design years ago, he has had a great impact on how they view creation vs Darwinian evolution.

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