443 Million Years Old and No Evidence of Evolution?

Dr Carl Werner examined fossils on display in Natural History Museums across the world. He kept finding ‘living fossils’ meaning creatures whose fossil remains have been dated to being millions of years old but look strikingly similar to the creatures living today. Compare the two fossil photos, both taken in different galleries in the NHM, they show an ancient and modern Echinoderm. The fossilised Echinoderm is from the Silurian period of time, some 443 - 416 million years ago, it is given a different name, just as Dr Car Werner found, but when you look it up it is the same as the specimen in the picture below. On the tour through the museum you will see many, many examples like this.

Silurian period dates from 443 - 416 million years ago.

If there has been no change in 443 million years of evolution and just look at the complexity of the Echinoderm, shouldn’t we like many modern scientists be questioning the ‘theory’ of Darwinian Evolution?

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