80,000,000 specimens are kept at the Natural History Museum, yet no transitional forms on display?

I was recommended Dr. Carl Werner’s website and purchased these two books. Today I visited the NHM and looked at the exhibits from a different perspective! I found exactly what the books predicted I would find. Many ancient fossils look exactly like or very closely resemble modern creatures and plants alive today, but these have been found in layers where dinosaur fossils have been found. It seems as Dr Carl Werner suggests that these fossils are given a different scientific name because they simply couldn’t be that old according to the evolutionary time scale, Dr Werner calls these ‘living fossils’. In the artwork displays accompanying the walkthrough dinosaur gallery the landscapes, flora and fauna do not represent the full range of plants, mammals and birds found in the dinosaur fossil layers but give a very restrictive view. 1000 bat fossils have been found according to the books yet no small mammal transitioning ever found! 500,000 bony fish fossils with no transitional fossils from soft bodied versions, yet jellyfish etc fossils have been found! The books give a tremendous amount of information on a wide variety of topics to check out for yourself.

The museum displays show fixed kinds of flora and fauna, the wording talks about the evolutionary ancestors of many using Darwin’ s ‘storytelling’ technique yet not providing a single fossil in the process of changing from one kind into another. With 80,000,000 specimens to select from the NHM should be the best place in the world to showcase the transitional evidence!

Do not take my word for it, purchase a copy of these books and visit your local Natural History Museum and test the evidence for yourself!

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