Why take a Biblical Evidence Tour of the British Museum?

I first attended a Biblical Tour through the British Museum with Dr. Jay Smith in about 2012. I was overwhelmed by the compelling evidence, Jay had chosen about 18 artefacts and with his knowledge and expert delivery I then tried to persuade all of my friends to take a tour. My youngest son when he was ten saw the burn destruction of the Nineveh reliefs prophesied by Nahum, then the Babylonian Chronicles describing the flood destruction of Nineveh also prophesied by Nahum! My son said he wouldn’t remember everything that he had seen on the tour but nothing could now shake his faith!

In recent years I have become a member of the museum and explored each gallery for biblical artefacts and they are everywhere! In March 2019 I joined Joel Kramer’s Biblical Study Tour of Israel. I was able to film Joel teaching from archeological sites written about in the historical narrative of the Bible and where many of the museum artefacts came from. Through my further research I have found ministries who have filmed biblical evidence across the Bible lands and they have kindly given me permission to show them throughout the tour. Video touring creates an extraordinary tapestry of confirmed Old and New Testament events which really transforms the reading of God’s Word. If you doubt the veracity of the historical narrative of the Bible, please take a tour!

I am at Tel Hebron where King David reigned for 7 years, behind me is Machpelah, the Cave of the Patriachs.

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