Why take a Creation vs Darwinian Evolution Tour?

I used to believe in Charles Darwin’s ‘Tree of Life’ explanation for the origin of life, because I had been taught this theory as a fact during biology class at school.

When I became a Christian I read in Genesis that everything had been created by God. As Darwin’s theory excludes any possibility of a supernatural designer, I embarked on a journey to test the evidence for myself.

Darwin’s theory is being discredited by an enormous number of scientists today, and was first challenged in 1860 by Samuel Wilberforce and Sir Richard Owen. Changing my belief in Darwin’s theory had nothing to do with being a Christian, the evidence against the theory is compelling and from many disciplines of science.

In 2013 I took my three sons on a Creation Evidence Tour of the Natural History Museum in London with Carl Kerby from Reasons for Hope Ministries. In the picture below Carl is answering my inquisitive son’s questions! I have been researching the evidence for and against Darwinian Evolution now for about twenty years. The Natural History Museum showcases the Darwinian theory, therefore it is the best venue to examine the scientific evidence with the aid of video teachings from the contributors listed on the website. Come and see for yourself!

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