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Tour Testimonials

Recent reviews of the tours in the British Museum and the Natural History. Biblical history and creation evidence can be seen in both museums. If you would like a tour at a museum located nearer to you, please contact me.

Billy Mooney, Surrey.

Our trips to the national British Museum and Natural History Museum with Jill were both simply amazing. Me and my girlfriend went when my girlfriend was on the fence about Christianity, and since this trip her faith in God has grown hugely! I would encourage every believer and non-believer to come along with Jill, you won’t regret it!

Yolandi, Surrey.

We joined Jill on a tour of the British Museum with our children aged 4, 7 and 8. She tailor made a child-friendly walk that managed to grab their attention, despite my kids having been to the museum many times before and them usually wanting to leave within a few minutes. She managed to pitch the tour in such a way that the adults were engaged and learned something new, and the kids were able to notice interesting things and feel more connected to the objects. I found that the next time I visited the museum with friends, I was able to relay some of the information and that it had helped me feel less intimidated. She taught us interesting bits that you wouldn’t know from just looking at the labels, and items I had previously walked right past now grab my attention because I understood some of their history. Her enthusiasm was contagious and inspiring. I highly recommend her tour to my friends and anyone interested in getting a more colourful view of history.

W Von Biljon, London.

We’re a family of 5 who recently toured the British Museum with Jill Baker. What fun! What a privilege! What a personalised experience! Jill uses her knowledge to bring different elements of the museum together to tell a real-life historical story. This is not just her job it’s her passion. I couldn’t help but look at other museum goers and think: they are missing out so much! There is no way we would have seen the artefacts from so many cultures and countries if it hadn’t been for her, as my children tire easily in a museum, but Jill knows where to go and there is no need for non-stop reading to make sense of the exhibitions. Jill is warm-hearted, friendly and approachable. She is willing to take a tea break halfway to accommodate tired little legs and dry throats. In fact, she is able to customise her tour, so feel free to tell her if you have a special interest. I highly recommend Jill Baker’s Biblical tours and am looking forward to tour the Natural History Museum with her as well.

Martin, Surrey.

Jill's tour of the British Museum is excellent.  Let me explain why.
It is too easy to wander round this majestic building and gaze at the artefacts and convince yourself that you have 'done' the museum and 'studied' the exhibits.  However, you almost certainly have not.  It is only when you approach the day with a desire to see beyond what you have 'seen' on previous visits, do the museum and the exhibits come alive.  And this is what Jill's tour offers - that ability to not only go beyond your own previous interpretation but sometimes to go beyond even the interpretation the Museum itself would like you to go away with.  This is because Jill considers things differently.
For Jill has asked herself, if the Bible, the most famous book in the world and which claims to be, quite literally, the word of God himself, is true, surely it would be possible to corroborate what is written in the Bible with what is on display in the most famous secular museum in the world.  And from the very first item she shows you to the last - and with the promise that she can show you more on a subsequent tour - the answer is a resounding yes, that it is possible.  That realisation should blow your mind and change your whole world view.
And on top of that, Jill is good company and allows you to ask all the questions you want - often illustrating her answer through another museum exhibit, so have sturdy footwear on for your day with her and money for a cup of tea at the end.
I will book again.
Martin, Surrey.

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