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Natural History Museum Creation Tour

Biblical Creation provides evidence that supports God’s Creator claim.

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  • The Natural History Museum London

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This is arguably the best museum in the world to examine the scientific claims of Biblical Creation and Darwinian evolution theory. The many galleries contain some of the best exhibits anywhere, so that different aspects of science can be seen together in one location. Whale evolution is proclaimed to have the best intermediate fossil evidence, we will look at how a fully terrestrial mammal becomes a fully aquatic mammal. The whole of Darwin’s theory relies on millions of years, does the discovery of soft tissues in dinosaurs refute the long ages? We will be trying to find the transitional fossils, as 1 billion fossils have been recovered there must be galleries full of examples. The human evolution gallery shows a lineup of transitional ape to man exhibits, this is the icon of evolution, we will look closely at the evidence. If God created life can we find evidence of design? We will look at a variety of flora and fauna. Tour duration 90 minutes.

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