Biblical Archaeology and Creation Evidence.

Due to the museum’s current booking system I am unable to use the booking features on the website, so please use the contact form, email, phone or chat to book a tour. I am following all of the museum safety guidelines which are subject to change at short notice.

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Premier Guide with Alliance of Independent Museum Guides.


 Hi, my name is Jill Baker and I have been interested in Biblical evidence for many years, and I am very pleased to be a Premier Guide with the Alliance of Independent Museum Guides. As AIM Guides, we are constantly training to keep our tours to a high standard.

In 2019 I went to Israel with Joel Kramer’s SourceFlix Biblical Archaeology Study Tour, and visited many locations whose artefacts are displayed in the British Museum. The museum has hundreds of Bible-based artefacts from thousands of years that corroborate the accuracy of the historical narrative of the Bible. The God of the Bible declares Himself as the Creator of all; in the Natural History Museum Tour we examine the evidence for His claim. I am delighted that I have the support of many researchers and permission to use their evidence and resources during the tour.


Available Tours

  • See how the artefacts on display corroborate the biblical narrative.

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  • Biblical Creation provides evidence that supports God’s Creator claim.

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  • Would you like a Biblical Tour through your local museum?

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  • Fossil digs provide evidence that supports Biblical history.

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  • Biblical evidence that corroborates the Bible at your church group.



As museums currently have a time slot system, please contact me with dates that you are interested in and I will check availability before confirming the tour. Please tell me the age of those attending so that I can give the cost per person. Thank you.


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