Biblical Archaeology and Creation Evidence.

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Premier Guide with Alliance of Independent Museum Guides.


 Hi, my name is Jill Baker and I have been interested in biblical evidence for many years, and I am very pleased to be a Premier Guide with the Alliance of Independent Museum Guides. As AIM Guides, we are constantly training to keep our tours to the highest standard.

In 2019 I went to Israel with Joel Kramer’s SourceFlix Biblical Archaeology Study Tour, and visited many locations whose artefacts are displayed in the British Museum. The museum has hundreds of Bible-based artefacts from across thousands of years and many countries that corroborate the accuracy of the historical narrative of the Bible. The God of the Bible declares Himself as the Creator of all; in the Natural History Museum Tour we examine the evidence for His claim. I am delighted that I have the support of many researchers and permission to use their evidence and resources during the tour. Using an audio whisperer system with short video clip evidence from experts, these are unique tours! Join me in the best museums in the world! 

Available Tours
  • See how the artefacts on display corroborate the biblical narrative.

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  • Biblical Creation provides evidence that supports God’s Creator claim.

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  • Would you like a Biblical Tour through your local museum?

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